Social Intrapreneurship for Innovation in Health

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Course Description

In our rapidly changing world, employee skills—such as intrapreneurship, agility, teamwork, empathy and collaborative leadership— are fundamental to an institution’s ability to innovate and grow into the future. The pitfalls of ignoring these skills can lead to loss of opportunity and competitiveness, along with increased redundancy and inefficiency. Social intrapreneurship is a methodology for sparking, cultivating, advancing and scaling social innovation within institutions. It involves intrapreneurial employees capitalizing on trends such as technology advancement and globalization, and deploying agile, startup strategies. Check out why Forbes is calling the Social Intrapreneur the Most Valuable Employee of 2014 and this Guide to Social Intrapreneurship.

Ashoka, one of the world’s largest networks of social entrepreneurs and Boehringer Ingelheim, a world-leading health company, have come together to create the six-week online course: Social Intrapreneurship for Innovation in Health. This course is part of the global “Making More Health” initiative to explore innovative pathways to improve access to healthcare for people, animals, and communities around the world. In this course, you will connect with a global community of health professionals from across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors and convene to learn intrapreneurial strategies for creating social and business impact in the health and wellness space.

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In this course you will:

  • Prepare for a lead role in creating social and business impact within your institution
  • Gain skills and strategies to garner internal and external support for innovative projects
  • Learn how to collaborate and advance innovation in a bureaucratic setting
  • Develop intrapreneurial strategies for co-creation and prototyping
  • Connect with a network of intrapreneurs and innovators to share ideas and gain continuous support on your own innovation ideas
  • Engage with the global Ashoka network, including Ashoka Fellows, staff and other innovators

Course Topics

  • Week 1: The Business Case for Social Intrapreneurship
  • Week 2: Intrapreneurial Challenges & Opportunities
  • Week 3: Strategies for Advancing Social Innovation Within Institutions
  • Week 4: Co-Creation Part I: Leveraging Shared Value
  • Week 5: Co-Creation Part II: Idea Development and Pitching
  • Week 6: Final Review and Wrap-up

Through this online, dynamic learning environment, participants will join facilitators and leading experts in the field to discuss the topics above, while exploring case studies, major trends and social business ideas - keeping you on the cutting edge of intrapreneurship.  

Next Session

Oct 29, 2018 - Dec 7, 2018

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Spring 2018

Course Dates: Monday, April 16th - Friday, May 25th 2018 (six weeks)

Fall 2018

Course Dates: Monday, October 29th - Friday, December 7th 2018 (six weeks)

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